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In the 1980's Jerry and Caroline Hedges began cooking and cleaning at Coffman Cove Lodging, at that time known as Coffman Cove Bunkhouse. There, local construction and logging companies housed their workers. 

Coffman Cove Lodging was eventually purchased by the Hedges, where it flourished into a fishing and hunting lodging destination. Coffman Cove Lodging has been family-operated for over 30 years and continues to provide affordable services for their guests.


Jerry & Heather

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Dark Wood Panels
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Coffman Cove
Dark Wood Panels


Coffman Cove is located on the northeastern coast of the Prince of Wales Island, the 3rd largest island in the United States. There is about 1,000 miles of coastline with bays, inlets and coves providing some of the most productive and exciting fishing in Alaska.

Eagle Creek, Luck Creek, and Log Jam Creek produce exciting stream fishing for tourists. Sweetwater Lake provides a fun adventure by kayak, canoe, or small boat through a lagoon that leads into Barnes Lake.

Image by Humberto Braojos

There is an abundance of wildlife on Prince of Wales Island and in the Pacific Ocean. Common sightings include black bears, bald eagles, wolves, and deer. While fishing you may be accompanied by orcas, dolphins, porpoises, great humpback whales, seals, sea lions, otters, and much more!

For more information on Coffman Cove and things to know

before your trip, check out our Travel Tips page.

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